Thursday, December 2, 2010

It only takes a few words..

I have been reminded lately just how powerful our words can be. What we speak to ourselves internally and what we allow escape our mouths into the ether has flight, holds weight. Fear and negativity - when ingested, projected, indulged - only foster more of the same. Positive thoughts and energy - when nurtured - regenerate in a similar manner, but they're undeniably more pleasurable to spread and therefore more powerful than any bile-filled, downtrodden pejorative.

It's such a simple, almost quaint idea. One that's shown itself true in my life time after time, but one that can be hard to live by in the muck of the day to day. When I need a reminder I choose and repeat a mantra, an inspirational phrase spoken in the present tense that's calibrated to bring about positive change. The ones that have been on my tongue for years are still potent but I've needed new fodder. This phrase, delivered by a friend this morning in a timely email, is just right :

"You, my dear, are not a fearful woman. You are full of light and hope and love.

I'll accept that and I'll repeat it, again and again. Thank you for lighting up my morning, Friend, for giving me a new tool with which to keep dreaming and stretching and growing.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Love sounds good... any language ...

i am love
i am love
i am love
uncover me

je suis l'amour
je suis l'amour
je suis l'amour

yo soy amor
yo soy amor
yo soy amor

io sono l'amore
io sono l'amore
io sono l'amore
scopra me

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Electric Wire Hustle

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Electric Wire Hustle, a neo soul group out of New Zealand, at an intimate loft party in Brooklyn. I'd admittedly never met anyone from that part of the world before, but I wasn't expecting so much soul and swagger.

Their sound amply fits into a genre I call "journey music" - the type that lays an intoxicating base and forces you to be in the moment with it, almost as if in a trance. And in that moment you're loose to feel whatever emotion, memory, or real-time interaction you might be having - fully and freely. Its tone creates a sacred space.

Here's one of my favorites tracks ...

Last night I smiled slyly to the lyrics, "chew on the thing, sexy style" ... though, in the sober light of Sunday morning, I think he might be saying "do her own thing, sense of style." (smile) Both are nice, you decide...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cubierta de Amor

I've felt a creative block for some weeks now, unable to produce anything I feel worth sharing. This morning I awoke with this song in my throat, an original composition, by me. I don't know where it came from. It's melody and words formed out of nowhere, as if they'd been trapped in my vocal chords, in my heart, for some time now and got tired of waiting for me to recognize and release them. I decided to record this moment on my iphone, my voice trembling, a combination of morning grog and antsy anticipation at what'd escape me next. I felt that something larger than me was taking place, being released, which both scared and intrigued me. Perhaps my hang-up, my block, the insecurity that's crippled my creativity as of late.

I listen now, happy with some sections, critical of myself in others. It is raw, very raw and I am absolutely terrified to share it here. But I will, I am, in the spirit of pushing through, of letting go of hang-ups, of passing through this moment of creative mush. In acknowledgment that not everything can be perfect, pristine. That sometimes the beauty is in the vulnerability.

Because I sing this phrase the most, the title of my tune is "Cubierta de Amor" (Covered in Love)...

Cubierta de Amor by Zana-DO

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


photo by : Ronald Traeger

Last night's thunderstorm and hail must have come through to remind us recently returned city folk that nature still rules. It was absolutely fantastic to be caught in her whirl last night, despite the soggy socks and the unspun hair. Actually, because of that coming undone. A reminder to be wild, even in the pretty city.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The thing about traveling and documenting is that it takes you out of the moment, makes you more concave than convex, and you miss things. For the past few days I have chosen to live, not record, the moment and so there are some holes here. I'll fill them in, promise.

I sit in the airport feeling very far from home but come sundown I'll be reunited with my city habitat. The red rocks and great expanse will be but a memory, a photo, like the one here. But my intention is to keep these visuals vivid, to continue to glean fresh perspectives from and reflect on what I have seen.

This trip has been a good one. I am nothing but grateful, open and ready for what's to come.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sedona Sunset

Back on the grid after two days incomunicado in a very rustic Canyon de Chelly. It was beautiful, absolutely majestic, but I'm looking forward to lounging by the pool and getting some greens in the belly. Last nights beef fried steak at the local cafeteria (and only restaurant in town) didn't quite hit the spot. Hello Sedona.

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